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I’m an illustrator. I draw. I design. I create. I challenge myself with ideas. I pray.

I am an artist.

I’m part city slicker, “Cheese head”, and a bit sheltered, all at the same time. Seems in everyway, my simple upbringing worked to my artistic benefit. My suburban public education was a majestic blessing in that the schools could afford to “feed” its hungry artists, and well, I might say. And since kindergarten, I’ve unabashedly devoured construction paper on projects and drawings every chance I got, and the teachers loved it! They’d offer space- and I drew on it! I think it was a fair trade because I truly cherished every crispy, white sheet and they loved the idea that there jobs were actually “making a difference”. They were. Yeah… I recall them emerging from kid-restricted corridors with extra large sheets that pure white, cardboard paper and I’d half-way spoil on myself thinking of the dramatic and colorful Spider-Man pose I would etch out– providing, that endless supply of government funded, crayons and markers!

artist david niariIt was something about blank paper that was magic to me. On it, I could create whatever I wanted. A fascinating idea, I thought. Overtime, there was hardly a book in our house that I had not torn away “untarnished” introductory and closing pages to concoct my newest ideas. (I didn’t become interested in actually reading books ‘til high school.) Funny, I wasn’t even aware of actual art supply stores and the now ever-present white printer paper had not yet even been invented – so books became my “crack”. (Today I cringe at the idea of my own daughter doing the same thing, so I buy her plenty of paper -she, like my wife, has the ‘project” gene.)

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