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What is music, but a story, an emotion released to the world. It is passion, it is nostalgia, it is sorrow, joy and exhuberance. Music, to me, is the soundtrack of life. It comes from this deep well that hides within, melodies flowing almost as if they are hanging in stasis, waiting for someone to be their vessel. Music has always been a thread that has woven itself through my life. My mother tells me that I was humming and wordlessly “singing” before I could even speak and to this day I find my days filled with music. Sometimes silly, often whimsical, but always there, music is life.

The Musician

sora_artistIt has been quite a journey. Most people will say to you “I always knew I wanted to be a singer”. Not so for me. I had many dreams growing up and ended up studying psychology in school with the idea that I would end up as a clinical psychologist. Not that music wasn’t important in my life…it sure was! I just never thought I would end up as an aspiring musician. I have always needed music in some way though in my life. My first big purchase (after a house) was a piano, that I put in my little tiny house. That same piano now sits in my living room, and I play it almost every day. At the time I bought it, I just knew I needed to have some kind of music, I wasn’t even singing at that point! When I found my voice, I let my piano sit for a few years, almost untouched, and would practice, and practice voice. Now that I feel some confidence in my voice, I feel this need to round out my musical experiences. I sing almost every day, play the piano almost every day, even if just for a few minutes, and then try to pick up my violin now and again. Oh, and I am also learning how to play harp.

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