The Action Design


To the uninitiated, the Action Design may appear to be just a regular band. But for the growing legions of fans that have heard their music or seen them perform live, the experience is a veritable dance party; an aural assault that attacks at the ears and releases in rhythmic pulses of the body.

The story of the Action Design began with the closing of a different chapter. Just as pop punk act Tsunami Bomb was hitting its peak – seemingly poised and ready to take over the world – the band abruptly disbanded. Feeling they still had something to contribute to the music scene, vocalist Emily Whitehurst and bassist Matt Mckenzie soldiered on and joined forces with guitarist Jaycen McKissick (ex- Pipedown) and drummer Jake Krohn (ex- Calcutta Bazaar). Tsunami Bomb and Pipedown were former touring mates and Matt and Jake were childhood friends, so the chemistry and familiarity had already been established.
Rather than travel down the same paths they had already paved – after all, it would be easy to pick up where their former bands had left off – the Action Design decided to explore new ground. While keeping the energy and spirit of punk rock intact, the guitars are cleaner, the bass lines less frantic, and the drumming more precise. With the addition of keyboards, the result is a much broader and more accessible sound. One thing that fortunately remained unchanged, however, is Whitehurst’s penchant for crafting catchy melodies and memorable lyrics.

the action design

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I Am Empire


I Am Empire formed in the summer of 2008 when members, Austin Lyons
(vocals), Andrew Stanton (lead guitar), Dan Otis (Guitar), Joshua Case
(bass/vocals) and Eric Martin (drums), began work on recording their
full length self titled album.

The album is a ten song journey that shows the bands diversity and
understading of songwriting. The first single “You’re A Fake” is a
hard hitting rock song that has made a huge radio impact since its
release in April of 2009. Featuring Andrew Stanton’s hard hitting tone
and smooth soloing capabilities the song has hit #6 on the CRW charts
and #15 on the Billboard Christian rock charts. The song has also been
featured on Live105’s Soundcheck, hit #1 on Radio U’s “Most Wanted
List”, and posted in the top 10 on Effect Radios Top 44, has been the
#1 most requested song on the Spin180 in Texas, along with being in
regular rotation at radio stations nationally. Aaron Axelson of
Live105 featured I Am Empire in his “Top Ten Bay Area Bands”.

Since the release of their album, I Am Empire has shown their drive
and resiliance in the music industry booking their own tours and
making a name for themselves without any label support. Along with
full time touring the band has been featured in the June/Blink-182
issue of Alternative Press Magazine as one of the “Unsigned Bands Of
The Month” and won the Ernie Ball competition that landed them an
opening postition on The Rockstar Taste Of Chaos stop in their
hometown. Articles on the band can also be found in Substream Magazine
and The Metro (Bay Area).

I Am Empire’s musical talents have not gone unnoticed by the “higher
ups” either. With endorsements by Fender, Wedgie, Viper Drums,
Soultone Cymbals and will soon be heard on select MTV, E!, and Oxygen
television shows. The band also just inked a publishing deal with
Evergreen Copyrights and has also been featured on the frontpage of
Myspace Music. Their video for Your’e A Fake” will debut September
25th on myspace musics hompage along with Fender’s website.

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