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__ N.K. ” The Midwest Latin Super Star” is from Milwaukee WI. and surrounding citys which he calls the (S.E.DUB.) Southeastern Wisconsin area and has also started his trend and trademark of this S.E.DUB slogan:(www.myspace.com/sedub) into a clothing line which is beginning to catch the streets fast. N.K. is also a Producer and Artists as well as a former D.J. who has won several battles and talent shows on the turntables and the mic. N.K. is no stranger to the streets nor celebrity status.

Since the age of 12 N.K. has been writing and producing his own music. Growing up in the 80s and 90s his ear for R&B, Hip-Hop and Gangsta rap has enabled him to come up with a unique style of his own. Living in the inner city nothing comes easy to N.K. Being in the streets where gangs, drugs and violence exist, N.K. is fighting hard not to be another statistic of the streets.

Although struck with tragedies in his personal life, such as the loss of his older brother, uncle and two cousins from street violence, he refuses to give up on his music and dreams. N.K. spends endless days and nights in his studio writing, producing and engineering his albums. Also performing all over the Midwest, West Coast, down South and Mexico.

N.K.s single Pump Pump has won several Battle of the Jams on WKKV 100.7 which is a clear channel station. N.K. has recently played his first acting role in a film titled Get Pony Boy. Directed by Juan J. Frausto who also directed the movies Drive By, Once Upon a Time in the Hood, Murder on the Border, and Welcome Back to the Barrio.

Independentlys N.K. is ready and willing to do whatever it takes for the world to hear his lyrics, music but most of all, his story.

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Shalone Hip Hop Artist

Shalone A.K.A Dwayne Bryan was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He is the son of Audrey Williams and George Bryan, who separated when Shalone was only 9 months of age. Soon after that his father would then move to the states in search for a better life. Without a father figure Shalone grew up without any luxuries in one of the most notorious parts of Jamaica. The sound of gunfire and the sight of dead bodies would not deter Shalone from his favorite indulgence, music! You would find Shalone at the local stage shows, home watching Saturday afternoon specials or enjoying the marching band after school. Facing the adversities that most children of poverty face, he armed himself with the creative imagination that took him away from the poverty stricken life he walked daily.

He found his escape at the age of eleven, when he moved to America to live with his father in Paterson, New Jersey. With a studio in the basement, Shalone would take his aspirations for music to new heights. After spending 3 years with his father and recording in the studio Shalone rejoined his mother in South Jamaica, Queens. They say living in the hood breeds a mentality of survival. Either you play ball, stand on the corner or do music. Shalone was doing them all.

Petty robbery would land Shalone on Rikers Island for some time. Although hustling made survival easier, Shalone knew he was destined for greater things. Upon his departure he decided it was time for a legal hustle, and music was it. While in DC and in North Carolina the response from his music made Shalone even hungrier for stardom in the music industry. His grind, hard work ethic and love for music landed him on the chorus of Petey Pablo’s first album (The Diary of A Sinner 1st entry), on the song “Truth About Me”. Instead of the big break Shalone was expecting, things fell apart, Petey attained his star status, and with a child on the way Shalone was on the grind again. Shalone has since gone on to do features with Nore, Grafh, Bun B, Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz, and Mussolini (Syke) from the Outlaws. Radio as well, has caught on! The airwaves in New York and along the east coast have been playing numerous songs from Shalone.

Recently Shalone’s new single “Ain’t Like We” has been burning up the airwaves across numerous demographics receiving over 600 plus spins. The video for the single has been added to the independent spotlight on bet.com for viewing. As the buzz on the record continues to grow Shalone has since performed on stage with the likes of Ludacris, Young Jeezy and T.I. Performing his music and unleashing his swag in front of thousands.

As his bright career continues Shalone is committed to perfecting his craft and being the artist he knows he is. He has a gift for painting real life emotions and pictures of real events with his ever- changing flow. It leads one to ask, why has he chosen this path? His reply is, “It’s the way people move to a mood, a sound, a voice. I have a balance to my music that people love man. Be it the hood, suburbs, or anybody in between I got that in my music”.

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