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the new collisions

In under a year, Boston’s The New Collisions have gone from an unknown club band to one of the northeast’s fastest-rising acts. Fronted by platinum-blonde 23 year-old Sarah Guild, they are fresh off a national summer tour with The B-52s and Blondie and a national fall tour. The debut EP, Invisible Embraces, was just released to rave reviews.

The story is unusual. Greg Hawkes, the legendary keyboard player from The Cars, caught one of the band’s first shows during the winter. Over the spring, the band worked with Hawkes and with platinum-selling producer Anthony Resta (Duran Duran, Missing Persons), another early fan, on its first recordings.

The result speaks for itself. Influences from the New Wave explosion of ‘77-’83, plus the early 60s of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson, meet modern, dancey, intense rock. There are powerful female vocals, jagged analog synth, sweeping harmonies, and a message of lost youth in a world falling apart.

the new collisions featureSuddenly a three-month-old band was selling out large clubs in Boston. The first tracks garnered full pages in The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, and The Boston Herald. “The sassy party of The New Collisions,” wrote The Phoenix, “has fallen into place so well it’s actually kind of fucked up.” “If there is another New Wave revival,” said The Herald, “credit The New Collisions and electric frontwoman Sarah Guild. She looks like a star waiting to happen.”

It wasn’t long before an offer came for a summer tour: The B-52s had chosen The New Collisions as their support act. Soon another offer came: Blondie–the band’s number one influence–asked The New Collisions to be direct support at an upcoming show. A national fall tour followed shortly after.

At CMJ 2009, New York Magazine chose the band as a Top Ten Act, and This Week in New York named them their favorite act of the festival. Greg Hawkes also joins the band band live, most recently at the Invisible Embraces EP Release at The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge (videos to the left).

The band will be featured soon in URB, The New York Post, College Music Journal, Fearless Music, and many more. Touring and recording will continue relentlessly, as The New Collisions conquer the world, one dance floor at a time…

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