Ten Year Vamp

Ten Year Vamp

Ten Year Vamp is a female fronted, high energy, modern radio rock band with pints full of personality, charm, and sex appeal. They’ve been described as the next No Doubt, and have won numerous local, regional, and National awards. Ten Year Vamp has sold thousands of CDs… even landed on the Billboard Charts, and have performed 2-4 shows a week for the past 6 years.

Ten Year Vamp - Band“While I’m a ‘girly girl’ in the sense that I like to do my hair and wear makeup and look pretty, I never degrade myself. My sex appeal is a result of the raw confidence I have inside—and I’ve earned that.” Debbie Gabrione says with a self-assuredness that you have to admire. She’s the bold lead singer of Ten Year Vamp, a power pop band with energy to spare. Imagine Foo Fighters meets Green Day with Gwen Stefani on vocals and you have an idea of their sound.

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