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Independent Artists Need to Utilize “Dot Com’s” For Online Marketing


Online marketing has become the superb way for independent artists to get their name known around the world. The most popular way, which is setting up profiles on social networks, is also a negative way to fund an indie project.

What is the best way for indie artists to market themselves online? Create their own “Dot Com.” Indie artists have the freedom to do whatever they want on their “Dot Com’s.”

The artists do not understand that social networks they sign up on are just for marketing purposes. Everything they create on their profiles is regulated and are based on corporate standards.

For instance, a Myspace profile can only be setup under the standards of News Corp. News Corp. has the ability to delete any profile that does not meet their regulations. All the time and effort that an indie artist/band puts into a profile can be removed based on their rules.

What are other advantages of owning a web site?

Advertising. Why not try to get advertising, or sponsors for your own web site? Just think about who gets the advertising money for the time and effort a band spent on completing a social network page. This type of move should especially be made for bands who receive many hits on Myspace and Facebook.

The opportunity to gain another dollar to fund an indie project is being lost every time a fan searches for an indie band/artist and is told to go to a Myspace page.

Also, an artist can sell their products on their web sites. For example, CD’s, t-shirts, posters and all the marketing products a band/artist has can be sold on their own web sites.

Content such as images and music can be showcased without having any type of limit.

A web site is very cost efficient in today’s world and is a great way to base your search engine optimization. Meaning, your website shows up before your Myspace page when you type in your band’s name in a search engine box.



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