The Buzz | Independent Music News •  Events •  Interviews • Resources Helps Support Indie Music has setup a Web site to help bands and their fans work together to produce music they love to hear. The site gives bands the opportunity to get funded and give back to their loyal fans.

The Web site has created an environment where fans have the opportunity to invest in a band’s project, “thereby purchasing Band Stock.” The project could be a: CD, video, merchandise, production, touring fund, or marketing tools.

In return, the band offers exclusive content such as tickets, personal phone calls and signed t-shirts to the fans that do invest in their projects. The investor also receives total access to the Web site including communicating with other users, stopping by their favorite band’s page and write on their stage.

Fans have the opportunity to invest in more than one band on the Web site. The site is meant to also help music fans discover new independent artists. was brainstormed by Drew Leahy and Kevin Pritchard in the summer of 2007. Leahy thought of the possibility of purchasing stock in a band. The idea of a band controlling their own future through fan support began the business planning process.

The founders want music to, “flourish as it should: as an art, an experience, a way of life, and NOT as a commodity.”

Their “music revolution” was launched on January 15, 2009. To find out more information about the site, go to



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  2. drew
    Wow this is awesome!