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Writing Your Personal/Band Bio

encyclopediaWith the rise of many user generated content sites, many independent artists, musicians and bands are left with the daunting task of writing their own biographies. The lucky ones will usually hire a professional and avoid it all together.

In there lies the problem… A while back, I was searching for some pointers on how to write a great bio. I came across a post with some really good info and it made me think about the hundreds of bios on social networking/artist websites I read so often. So I left the following comment:

“I have come across many profiles and usually read the shorter ones that grab my attention early. I usually don’t have time to read a book. Also, the bios written professionally all read the same and are instantly bypassed. I would much rather hear from the artist themselves. I can’t relate to encyclopedia like bios.”

It is funny, after all the bios I have read, I really don’t remember much about the content. What I do remember are the personal stories and things I can relate to about the artist. For example, here is an excerpt from a bio with a band that we worked with in the past:

“Another time, we broke down on the Pennsylvania turnpike and had to walk eight miles at three in the morning to the nearest town. We were picked up by some kids who ended up being drunk and they wouldn’t let us out of the car. They lost control of the car doing 120 miles per hour around a turn on an off ramp.” – Darling Waste

To this day, this particular bio sticks out from all the others.

So do me a favor, when it is time for you to write a bio, go to Myspace and check out some of the top band profiles and read a few them. Analyze the information that sticks with you compared to the fluff that you forget about.

Remember, this is what fans usually get to read on any given day and you have less than 30 seconds to get their attention.



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