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CD Review: I Am Empire – Self-Titled Album

iaealbumThe San Jose, Calif. based quintent has opened eyes and ears with their latest self-titled release. Already making noise with their first single, “You’re A Fake”, the band has hit the radio airwaves and have been touring in support of the album.

The album is filled with sing-along tracks that will have fans screaming lyrics during live shows.  

I Am Empire’s intro track, “Encompass”, sets the stage with an in your face guitar riff and trascends into an all-around rock track that will keep the lyric, “We are the lost and found…” in your head for days.

As mentioned, “You’re A Fake”,  blazes out of the speakers with lead guitar picking accompanied by a solid riff, which leads into the lyric, “Get up, Get up!!”. This song has just began to break out the band, and has lasting power.

Tracks such as, “Driver” and “Carry On”, show the full range of vocal capabilities led by Austin Lyons over layered guitar picking with effects and tribal drum beat (Driver).

The band throws in an acoustic song, “Found In The Ocean,” which shows the band’s instrumental skills and provides a great rock track, which breaks the mold.

After releasing their first album, Letters, the indie rock band showcases their talent, which has evolved to be the band’s best group of songs they have compiled on I Am Empire.



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