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gigzeeWouldn’t it have been great to have heard Nirvana play at Seattle’s Crocodile Café before they were ‘discovered’ by record labels? Imagine that experience – raw, unadulterated musical passion! You, a few other fans and the band! –

This is the experience hopes to help fans accomplish when they sign-up to their Web site. The site provides a database that offers information about bands who are playing at a local venue(s).

The Web site is setup to “take care of publicizing your gigs on all the top music websites.” The site allows artists to expose information about their bands and where they are playing in the future.

Stop wasting time updating your gig schedule on multiple websites,” the founder(s) explain on the site.

Gigzee invites bands who are playing large shows and small shows to jump on-board, which would make it easier for fans to follow their favorite acts.

The Web site also gives fans the opporunity to write reviews about the artist’s shows that they have experienced, and for them to “be in the know.”

Fans can even follow their favorite music venues in their local area, instead of the artists.

Review bands and share your insights with others,” the founder(s) emphasize. “Keep track of your favorite artists and venues, and never miss a show again!”



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