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Independent Artists And Bands Need A Web Site

url2Social networking sites have become a great tool for independent bands to market their bands, but that is all they are good for. Indie bands need to realize that they need a Web site to solidify their online presence.

Having the ability to control the content on their own domain is key when trying to manage their image and marketing. Indie artists can make their own rules and do not have to follow the regulations that social networks expect them to follow.

The other aspect is indie bands ignoring their Web sites and spending more time on content on their social network profiles. Bands should keep their content fresh such as, tour dates, photos, appearances, etc., so their fans return to view anything that is new with the band.

Also, bands can sell their cd’s, t-shirts, digital music and more on their Web sites. Yes, the artists can do this on their social networking site, but they can have an improved tracking system. For example, bands have the ability to evaluate what links fans are clicking and viewing compared to what they are buying when they utilize analytics.

How can bands track their analysis for free? Google offers the ability to track analytics for free and provides more information then what the artists expect to find.

Bands need to understand that placing their Web site link on every social network profile can help boost their site’s analytic numbers. There is a technique called Search Engine Optimization, which is a great way for bands to spread the word about their Web site link. Basically, artists who spread their link around other sites are more likely to be on the first page of searches using search engines such as, Live Search, Google and Yahoo.

Furthermore, pointing their URL to a social network profile actually hurts the band’s online presence, instead of helping their cause. Why pay for a domain name and help other Web sites’ numbers, instead of their own Web page? For instance, if artists point their URL towards their Myspace profile then Myspace receives the pageviews that the indie artists could be receiving on their own site.



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  1. Nice!.. Maybe one article a week will get some of them to realize the importance of a fully optimized website and its value to an indie artist. Hosting packages are very affordable and are worth the small investment. Too many bands and artists fall into this category. Not good!
  2. is a free social-networking website for indie artists