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Independent Alternative – Pop Band Vertigo To Play Bonnaroo 2009

vertigo-12Vertigo has been described as “darkly sexual,” perhaps because it trades in desire, risk-taking, and unblinking confession, or maybe because of the thrilling sensuality at its core.

The four-piece band out of Knoxville, Tennessee, marries alt/pop lyricism and well-grounded composition with yearning themes and experimental musicianship, connecting with audiences in electric deeply personal live performances. Singer Lindsey Stamey’s fire-laced lyrics and core-thrusting delivery combined with the bands dynamic instrumentation sets them apart.
Vertigo is releasing their sophomore album, The Coming and The Going on July 28th, 2009 via Koch Distribution and will be touring nationally in support (see dates below). 
Band visionaries Joel (guitar) and Justin (drums) started playing together in 2001, and before long were joined by Justin’s sister, Lindsey (vocals), and more recently Nate (bass).

The through line of the dark pop/rock quartet’s gorgeously multilayered sound is Lindsey’s confident emotive phrasing and solid vocal work. Her clear-voiced passion pushes every lyric for meaning, whether that exploration takes the form of a smooth whisper, growling vibrato, or cry of triumph and anguish.
“Recording “The Coming and the Going” was such a wonderful time for me”, says singer Lindsey Stamey. “In the past I have always gotten super nervous and self-conscious while recording. The best way to describe it would be to compare it to staring at yourself in the mirror for about 8 hours. Even the sanest person would go a little crazy doing that. 

“You start questioning your abilities and things start to sound different after hearing them over and over.”

“When we recorded “The Coming and The Going” things were different though. Travis Kammeyer (Ocoai) is the best at making people feel comfortable and confident,” Stamey explained. “He knows exactly what he is doing and is very patient and open to trying different things so you find the exact sound you are looking for.”
“The song that means the most to me is The Anchors In My Shoes,” Stamey said. “It’s about letting yourself be completely vulnerable to someone and taking off the layers of protection you have built around yourself.

“It’s about showing how you really are and moving forward from the past.”

Other tracks on the album that deliver are “Techne” features a Stamey styled wail with a fast-paced lyrical jolt partnered with soaring melodies, massive guitar riffs and commanding drums. “Ethelle” and “Typical” fully realize the experimental and rock elements’ adding a new dimension that is equal parts climactic and cathartic, and shows the band stretching out sonically.

Embracing the metaphysical might put Vertigo at odds with the machinery of modern music-making, but the brooding honesty finds a home in the hearts of thousands of fans, whose attendance at several hundred performances has testified to the band’s lasting impact and power.

Vertigo has been winning over crowds ever since the lineup came together in 2001. Word of their intense, live performances spread across Tennessee, and most recently earned them a spot to play Bonnaroo 2009.

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