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Is A Bad Economy Good For Indie Bands?

liveshowWith a recession occurring, it can be very difficult for music lovers to dish out the money to see their favorite bands live. Whether the bands be major or independent the cost of purchasing concert tickets, or the actual music can take an unnecessary hit to the pocket book.

I believe this time of penny-pinching can favor the independent bands and the affordable pricing, which comes with their movement.

Indie bands can offer their music for free and can provide an affordable price for a ticket to watch their show. Unsigned bands can definitely take advantage of this situation, because they have no one over their shoulder asking them for a share of their sales profits.

Fans realize the extra fees that come with purchasing tickets for major acts through Ticketmaster can be unbearable to the wallet. You see that a ticket price is $27.00, but then the purchase price is over $45.00 at times due to the extra fees.

A major site such as Live Nation understands this, as well, because they offered a “No Service Fee Wednesday” deal for certain venues to watch major acts live.

During these hard economic times people are loving the word “Free,” so anything with that tag on it will receive attention.

For instance, music lovers could see the cost for a major act’s ticket at this year’s biggest music festival, Summerfest located in Milwaukee, Wisc., but then see the diverse music line up at the “Free” stages. What would you choose during a money crunch situation?

This type of thought process helps indie bands get discovered, because fans become aware of new outlets to great music that they ordinarily would not find otherwise.



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  1. I've been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.
    • Thank you, Stacey! We really appreciate your feedback.