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Social Networks Offer Services For Indie Bands

socialnetworkingIndependent bands struggle to see how much exposure they can gain online, because they have the daunting task of making sure their music is solid enough for strangers’ ears to hear their finished product.

Indie bands need to realize that they can create a market for their music before it is completed just by generating a presence utilizing social networks that are out there for them.

Bands need to look beyond Myspace and Facebook to gain the superior online presence they expect  when they use the internet.

The World Wide Web is more than what mainstream media says it is, but bands are too preoccupied with what they are told by them. The bands need to realize that there is more than Twitter that should be occupying their time.

Just conduct a Google search and see for yourselves how many social networks are out there that cater to the independent music community. There are endless links to various sites and tools.

For instance, offers indie bands the opportunity to get funded and give back to their loyal fans. has assembled a free Web site that brings music listeners and artists together. Plugola is a free social network and a digital music marketplace for mp3’s and videos. The Web site is strictly setup for independent artists and the music fans who follow the artists.

Take advantage of any site that you are referred to if you have the responsibility of online marketing for your band, or indie project. Do not stop at what is in front of you and keep researching for up and coming online outlets.



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