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Why Should Indie Bands Use Social Networks For Marketing?

plugolaprofileIndependent bands and unsigned bands need the most exposure as possible to gain a following, which comes with a dominant online presence.

How do I get my band’s Web site links on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines?

Create profile on solidified social networks and start-up social networks, but make sure to use your band’s name in the URL name (

Why should I use other sites, besides the major ones that are known like Myspace and Facebook?

1. You want the search engines to crawl and capture your band name associated with links. By doing this, you will be able to make your online presence strong and your links will start showing up during searches. The more links you have associated to your band’s name the more you will start seeing on the first page of search engine searches for your band. Technically, you are utilizing search optimization techniques, which are the terms used in the online world.

For instance, type in “Noe Pacheco” and you will see most of the Websites that I have utilized to brand my name online. You will also see most of them on the first page of the search.

2. The start-up Websites, or unknown sites offer your band services and business models that you can not find on well-known sites.

For example, offers indie bands the opportunity to get funded and give back to their loyal fans. has assembled a free Web site that brings music listeners and artists together. Plugola is a free social network and a digital music marketplace for mp3’s and videos. The Web site is strictly setup for independent artists and the music fans who follow the artists.

To be straight-forward, do not create your Myspace and Facebook accounts and expect fans to come to you. Fans are always looking for a the newest Web site where they can find new music.



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