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Anchor & Braille Is Streaming Felt In Its Entirety On MySpace

ab2Felt is out August 4th on WoodWater Records, Stephen Christian’s own record label which is distributed by Universal Music. Produced, engineered and mixed by Copeland singer Aaron Marsh and recorded over the course of four years, Felt is the first full-length for Anchor&Braille and the first release for WoodWater Records. 
“The songs are mostly songs of regret and heartache, with hopes that each and every one rings of nostalgia and better times for all who listen,” says Christian.  “These are some of the most painful songs I have ever written but with each song I felt a sense of relief and on some level an almost spiritual repentance and cleansing.”
Felt is a bona fide depiction of an artist bursting with an endless supply of aptitude and creative energy.  The album’s instrumentation and profound lyrics flow beautifully from one song to the next.  From finding out we are in a relationship with someone we shouldn’t be, the album’s contagious “Blur,” to contemplations of life in “Rust (the short story of Mary Agnosia),” to the blissful sounds of “Like Steps In A Dance,” Felt, has the auditory and sensory feel Christian was hoping to achieve.  Christian describes the sound of Felt as “exploring a museum at night with all the lights off. There are moments of mastery on this record, and the closer you study the lyrics, songs, & ethereal layers the more beauty and enjoyment you will get out of it.”
“I named the record Felt at the request of a friend because the meaning, much like the songs on the record, has two different levels; a surface and a deeper. The first meaning of the word ‘Felt’ is the past tense of the word ‘feels’ because these songs are all past memories, which I have learned, mourned, and grown from. The second meaning of ‘felt’ is the fabric which connotates a very sensual imagery, hopefully much like the music and melodies themselves.
Anchor&Braille started several years back when Christian realized that he had written many songs he knew Anberlin could never use. The songs had a different feel and the lyrics were topics that he felt were a bit more personal, which he was not ready at that time to share on a mass platform.

For more on Anchor&Braille, check out for more information.

Felt Track Listing:
1.    Rust (the short story of Mary Agnosia)
2.    Like steps in a dance
3.    Blur
4.    Inretrospect
5.    Summer Tongues
6.    Calm, calm, calm yourself
7.    Wedding/Funeral.
8.    Sleep. When we die.
9.    Forget love, I just want you to make sense to me tonight.
10.  Sing out
11.  Sheet music/Sheet music

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