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…And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead Set To Play NYC Shows

trailofdeadalbum…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have setup a 2 shows in New York City, NY. The band is headling Jelly NYC Williamsburg Waterfront Pary July 26th and perform at All Points West August 1st.  

The band have not performed here since their two SOLD OUT NYC shows in February. And just to bring you lot up to speed the band haven’t been schlumping around since then either. They toured the US, they killed their shows at SXSW – SPIN, The Onion, The Agency Group, Justice Records and Rhapsody all were graced with their presence – and then skipped overseas to trek thru Europe, Asia and Australia, a journey from which they only recently just triumphantly returned from.

The shows are a part of a tour, which also features a performance at another major US music festival, Austin City Limits on October 3rd. 

This announcement comes on the heels of the bands’ triumphant return from their wildly successful tour through Europe, Asia and Australia supporting the release of their new album The Century of Self, out now on Richter Scale/Justice Records. 
The critically acclaimed album The Century of Self was released in February of 2009 on the band’s imprint Richter Scale Records and quickly became what many in the press have praised as the band’s return to form. 

SPIN awarded the album with a four star review, The New Yorker raved “…ferocious…a new brand of progressive rock infused with anarchic execution…” and Billboard proclaimed Trail of Dead “…has once again found its footing.”  Following the album’s release, the band unleashed the music live on a coast to coast tour and The Washington Post described their set as “…glistening guitar arpeggios, epic dynamic shifts and yearning upward vocals.” 

The band wowed the masses each night of the tour which came to a close at the annual SXSW Music Festival in their hometown of Austin, TX.  Trail of Dead ruled the week, playing show after show to rooms of packed fans and ended the festival headlining the SPIN Magazine Party in true …Trail of Dead raucous fashion with a set which many are still talking about today.
Don’t miss …Trail of Dead when they play in a city near you. For the most up to date info and to learn about newly added shows, head over to



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