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To Write Love on Her Arms Responds To MTV Real World Self Injury Episode

twlohaThe Real World: Cancun and its After Show took a serious turn when Ayiiia’s cutting problem was revealed to the roommates, as well as to viewers at home. Since the episode aired, MTV and TWLOHA both received a lot of questions and comments.  MTV gave To Write Love on Her Arms, the platform to discuss these issues. Check the site out here.

For their third Warped, TWLOHA will be doubling their presence in the Take Action! Non-Profit Area. With two tents instead of one, TWLOHA aims to focus more on introducing their message of hope, help and community.

They will be showing PSA’s and other videos that highlight their surprising journey. There will also be computers with internet access so that people can check out or sign up to support TWLOHA via But more than anything, the goal is conversation:

“We love Warped because it’s music and people. We believe that music is powerful, that it has the unique ability to bring people together, to remind us we’re alive, to remind us it’s okay to ask questions. With that, we think Warped is the perfect place to connect with people. We’ve learned that when it comes to issues such as depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide – these are things that millions of people live with but very few talk about. We want people to know that it’s okay to talk about these things, that maybe hope and help begin when we start to let other people in.” – TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski

In addition, the TWLOHA tents will host signings and surprises by some of Warped Tour’s biggest acts such as Underoath, Thrice, Bayside, Forever The Sickest Kids and more.

TWLOHA may be best-known for their shirts, and there will be new designs available this summer, including some Limited Edition regional shirts as well as new posters, info cards and more. 

Look for the TWLOHA Tents in the Take Action! Non-Profit Area all summer long.

Check out the official Web site for more information about the contest.

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