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Indie Band Chasing Claymores Release Debut Album On ITunes

chasingclaymoresHailing from San Diego, Chasing Claymores is 4 friends banded together by fate and the passion for music. The Art of Letting Go is their debut effort as a group formulated with a unique chemistry; each band member bringing an eclectic array of influences and mixing them together to get a final mix of pop, punk, alternative and experimental rock and roll.

The album is a tribute to the inspirations, influences and the experiences of close friends Charlie, Robbie, Ian and Joey; each brining a piece of their hearts and souls to the table.

Being lucky to be a product of the San Diego local music scene, Chasing Claymores plans to support this debut album by winning the home crowd, then taking the show on the road. Now that they have a vehicle to drive their dreams it’s time to hit the gas.

Chasing Claymores has been preparing their invasion for years. After being born through best friends Joey Shelly and Charlie Santilena, Charlie asked an old High School buddy and drummer Ian Hoey to round of the band as a three piece.

Being a perfect fit and playing for close to a year supporting a freshmen release, they craved a fuller sound and a new creative push. Ian recruited childhood buddy and guitar player Robbie Blatt to round off the quartet.

United to practice, bond, and persevere which is what Chasing Claymores is all about, they finally found a cohesive unit and learned to continue chasing your dreams no matter what blows up in your face.

Chasing Claymores is currently booking shows, shopping labels, and spreading their music. They plan to station their energy and music in the San Diego and the rest of the country to encourage more support in their arsenal.

Look for this band gaining momentum and chasing their dreams in 2009/2010.

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    • My background is in journalism. Thanks for checking out the site!