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Third Eye Blind Offer A CD Package For Ursa Major

3ebThird Eye Blind have photos on their Web site of the amazing CD and vinyl packaging for Ursa Major, which was just released. The package of the CD provides: 20 page booklet, lyrics, multi-fold eco-sensitive pack and more.

Ursa Major was the #1 selling album iTunes the day of its release and continues to be top digital download.

Taking advantage of online marketing techniques while entering the independent music world, Third Eye Blind has encompassed the self-marketing operations for their first indie album.

After 3 best-selling CD releases, Third Eye Blind has decided to utilize the independent music movement for their fourth release, Ursa Major.

“What happened is that Third Eye Blind became a playlist,” lead singer Stephen Jenkins states on the band’s Web site. “Not the albums, and not as the result of a major-label marketing department.”

“We became a playlist, this completely democratic thing where there are no lead singles, no payola, Jenkins added. It’s just songs.”

Check out the package deal here.



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