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Warm Up To Indie Band KaiserCartel

kaiser_cartel1Courtney Kaiser and Benjamin Cartel have hit the scene running with their earthy blend of folk and rock, which has been compared to Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris.

“I think we’re more like Lucy and Ricky,” said Kaiser in a press release.

KaiserCartel have a genuine, homespun, sound that is all their own.

“Eclectic, infectious, music,” are the words Cartel used to describe their lo-fi, song-driven style.

The duo have been known to continually switch off instruments during their set; giving the audience a sound that could be described from either side of the musical spectrum.

Whether you come in the middle of the set or come right from the start, by the end of listening to their music, you will be crying, laughing, and will have that warm feeling you get from spending time with close friends.

“We want people to feel like a fly on the wall in our living room,” Kaiser explained.

This multi-talented duo joined forces to tour the country in the summer of 2004. Crammed into their Toyota Prius named Gertie filled with instruments, thrift store finds, and their furry friends “The Crayons”, KaiserCartel has been touring regionally and nationally ever since.

The Brooklyn-based duo started playing music at a young age and has utilized their well practiced talents with well known artists.

Kaiser has played with United States Three, John Mellencamp, Sean Lennon and has recorded with The Wallflowers. Meanwhile, Cartel has played with the likes of The Heartdrops, Zombie Squad and Benjamin Cartel.

For more information about the band, check out their Web site.



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