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To Write Love on Her Arms founder Jamie Tworkowski Guest Blogs On

twlohafounderIf someone gave you a microphone and a stage, what would you say and what would you sing? Whether the crowd was 10 people or 10,000, what would you make with the moment?

I was going to write a letter to the frontmen–the folks who sing in bands. I was going to say that there should be a system or some classes where they would be reminded that music is a very special thing; something not unlike a miracle, rich with history and the potential to move people and change lives. They would learn about urgency and honesty, the value of a moment and a song’s unique ability to cause people to feel, to remind them that they’re alive and that life is worth living.

And it crossed my mind to say those things because lately, it seems like there’s been moments when everyone is forgetting. I’m bored with watching guys play to thousands of people and it feels like everyone says the same thing in saying nothing: “How you motherf****s doing?” is followed by a request for the world’s largest circle pit. Congratulations. You are the fourth band in a row to say the exact same thing.

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