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Indie Musician Matthew Ryan Releases Dear Lover Today

MatthewRyan_DearLoverIndependent musician Matthew Ryan is releasing his latest album, Dear Lover, in digital format today. The CD is available at most digital music stores including: iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic, The Nokia Store and more.

I had to make sure I put in the right CD when the intro to “City Life” blared out of the speakers. With an electronica vibe accompanying Ryan’s vocals, it gives a refreshing feel to a familiar voice. Ryan’s previous albums also included some songs with a hint of electronica sound, but “City Life” is a track that takes it to a new place.

Ryan keeps an upbeat tempo feel with the title track, “Dear Lover,” which begins with a heart felt vocal asking, “Tell me what want. Tell me what you want…,” over a simple distorted riff. This song proves to show how emotionally sound and powerful his vocals can be. There are very few artists in the rock genre whose vocals can outshine the instruments.

“Some Streets Lead Nowhere” is a track that was previously released as a single, but I am stoked it was included on Dear Lover. It just fits.

Dance beats are the backbone to songs “We Are Snowmen” and “Spark,” which are great follow ups to the lead track. “Spark” features DJ Preach and is a track that takes you to a new atmosphere in your mind. Sit back and close your eyes while you feel the sound.

Ryan rounds out the list of his new creation with “The End Of A Ghost Story.” “Ghost Story” is a track that takes you on a musical rollercoaster that you do not want to get off. With a kick beat complemented by a piano and guitar, this song definitely shows the artist’s innovative style. This track follows no rules of song arrangement and offers aspiring musicans a new way of developing music.

“By purchasing Dear Lover you are not only getting a new collection of songs that I’ve written with all the beauty, hope and guts I could muster, but you’re also contributing directly to my ability to keep releasing music; and for the latter there, I am genuinely grateful.  I hope these songs become a new cinematic enhancer to the life your living. I can’t wait for you to hear them. It’s my feeling that Dear Lover is a strong grower, so be patient with it and I promise it will reward a few listens. I always feel that the best music initially feels strange and then blooms to show itself. I feel Dear Lover operates this way. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts as it opens up to you.” – Statement from Ryan’s Myspace Blog

If you want a hard copy of Dear Lover, Matthew Ryan will be distributing hard copies of the album to independent stores on Feb. 16, 2010.

You can also visit Ryan’s Web site to order the album and to check out more information.



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