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Do You Want To Brand Your Band’s Name Online? Google Or Bing It.

Google-bingAre you looking to promote your band on the internet? Or are you currently doing so and want to see the results? Well just search you band’s name using Google, Bing or any search engine that you prefer to use.

Looking at it from a fan’s perspective: They want to find out more about your band that they just heard on an online radio station, or read about on an indie music blog.

When I first started to brand my name online, I searched on Google and was very disappointed by the results that appeared. Only my Myspace profile showed up for me. I’m sure there are not that many Noe Pacheco’s, but the few that are out there are really trying to establish a presence for their business.

I only had about 3 hits for myself out of many pages that showed up during my search. I realized I had to join more social networks and change the account settings to be public. Social networks such as Facebook allows you to have sections of your profile private, which I did for my personal page. Obviously, your band does not have to worry about this issue.

You want every profile, or page to be found with every URL you have your band’s name applied (’sname).

Utilizing other Web sites (blogs) and online services (iTunes) to stay gain more online presence, and stay in touch with your fan base.

The Bottom Line: You want your band’s profiles coming up during searches of your band’s name, so creating a variety of relevant profiles is a cost efficient way to market your band online.



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