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Feature Interview: Zaldor’s World Podcast

zaldor_world_72_smallDescription: Music podcast based out of Detroit, but playing music from all over the globe! With over 200 episodes and over 40 band/musician interviews – this is a long running podcast with no signs of stopping!

Q) Tell us a little bit about your podcast. What initially inspired you to start it?

A) I started my podcast back in March of 2005. I wanted to do a music based podcast, as i’m a huge music fan. So, after hearing another Detroit podcaster (Digital Detroit Radio) do his podcast for a few months, I thought to myself – “I can do this!” So, Zaldor’s World was born. I now have over 280 episodes, and am poised to hit episode 300 on Thanksgiving.

Q) What characteristics make a great holiday song?

A) I think a great holiday song is one which makes people remember what it’s like to be around others during the holidays. A song that can make you feel like you’re in front of a fire or playing in the snow, that makes for great listening. However, I prefer songs which so against that grain.

Q) What are some of your favorite holiday songs/renditions?

A) I prefer the songs which are anti-holiday songs more than the standard ones. Songs like ‘Christmas at Ground Zero’ by Weird Al, or ‘Christmas Here on Mars’ by Bubble

Q) When is it appropriate to start playing holiday music? My mother seems to think November 1st is the “official” start date; any take on this debate? She also claims that January 1st is the end date.

A) I think probably around Thanksgiving (USA) until end of December are great dates, though i’d be more comfortable with just December 20-26th!

Q) Any quirky holiday memories that you care to share?

A) Well, as I eluded to in my favorite holiday songs, I prefer the anti-holiday songs – and I try to do a annual anti-holiday episode in my podcast. This year will be the 4th Annual Anti-Holiday episode, look for it near the end of December at



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