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Hark to the Buzz!

Happy holidays, everybody!


Click on the album cover to download or stream Hark to the Buzz! this year’s BEST indie holiday album!

Hark to the Buzz

It’s a big month for Gighive. We launched our indie music directory on the 7th, and we’ve also been working on putting together our first playlist, Hark to the Buzz! Indie artists from around the world have submitted their holiday songs for this festive compilation showcase, and the entries have been AMAZING!

If I had to use one word to describe the indie artists on this downloadable, streamable playlist, it would be ECLECTIC. In fact, entries were so eclectic that the biggest challenge of this project was creating a cohesive playlist that flowed from song to song.

While most indie compilations tend to feature a particularly “indie” sound, what we discovered throughout the course of this project was that there is no one sound that defines independent music today. We had Hark to the Buzz! entrants from every genre – down tempo to country, screamo to pop – and the selection resulted in an album where the dominant thread is independence.

Does an album that moves from hip hop to folk tunes sound a bit jarring? It might be, if it weren’t for the common thread of holiday spirit uniting each track. Travel from DJ KutzXmas in the Hood to Marcia McLeod’s soulful cover of John Prine’s Christmas in Prison. The uniqueness of each track, combined with a pleasing sense of continuity, came together to create an album that’s perfect for parties and for chill-out time at home. We hope that you enjoy Gighive’s 2009 Holiday Playlist.

Hark to the Buzz! Track list and artist info:

Xmas in the Hood feat. J.Blaze, Chali Brown, & Sie – KUTZ, J.Blaze, Chali Brown, Sie

Hip Hop ChristmasMark Mangold/Lyza Wilson/Elijah K

The Nutcracker BeatThe White Light Machine

Santa Jamaica (Jolly Old St. Nick)Fans of Jimmy Century

Here Comes ChristmasThe Nadas

Fa la la la la Bling BluesJanyse

Christmastime is HereJames Hurley

Christmas TrainThe Kathy Fleischmann Band

A Scoundrel’s ChristmasF&M

Tires Under the TreeCheering for the Bad Guy

Christmas in Prison – Marcia McLeod, Matt McLeod, John Testar

Will I See You Christmas Morning?Kenneth L. King



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  1. Awesome holiday playlist!!! Totally eclectic and festive!! We are very happy to be part of this. We're also kind of curious to hear holiday Screamo!
  2. RuSH
    this song is very nice "Xmas in the hood" can we download this song. Do Kutz have a album.
  3. Anne Stewart
    Hi Rush! You can download the track right here, OR you can visit Kutz' Myspace by searching 'streetheatproduct' Cheers!
  4. Solomon
    The Xmas in the Hood song is on the money, im from the south, and i heard this on the BOX today. They've been playing it non stop. This KUTZ dude is everywhere in Texas, awesome
  5. Beat Down
    I thought when i heard the first song, the rest of the album would be jammin. It falls off after that. :(
  6. Big
  7. Reddy Red
    Can i download just the first song?
  8. @Reddy Red, Yes, you can... Just click on the first "Download" link. Then "x" out of the pop up download box. Hover over the song title and a download link with appear. Thanks for checking us out!
  9. @Big, Thanks!!
  10. @Beat Down, Thanks for the feedback!!
  11. @Solomon, Very cool!