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Inner Splendor Media: Celtic Christmas Music

AmazingGraceInner Splendor Media, a globally recognized producer of world music, relaxation and ambient sound recordings is proud to announce the release of its first Christmas-themed CDs. In keeping with Inner Splendor’s eclectic catalog, these releases break new ground, offering listeners a one-of-a-kind holiday music experience.

Amazing Grace: The Best of Christmas Piano Music is a two-volume set of solo piano renditions of classic Christmas music, played by long-time Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed. The recordings include quiet, meditative and beautiful re-imagining of songs like “Little Drummer Boy”, “Auld Lang Syne” and “Silent Night.” Dizzy’s soothing, improvisational take on these songs hearkens back to his childhood roots as a musician, when his grandmother taught him carols on the family organ.

In the Spirit of Peace is a stirring and mystical collection of traditional Christmas melodies and new holiday music, performed by some of the British Isles’ most accomplished musicians. Featuring vocalist/arranger/songwriter Ann Malone, songbird Sarah Warwick and guitarist Rob Smith of the British band Bliss, this album celebrates Celtic musical traditions and takes Christmas music to spiritual depths and rousing heights. Listeners will hear Celtic renditions of Christmas classics such as “She Moved Through The Fair” and “Carol of The Bells”, as well rousing original composition “Mahaday” and “Gra Ma Chroi.”

Check out there Web site for samples and downloads.



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  1. This is one of my most visited blogs. Great job moderating. And insightful articles. Rarely does a website keep me coming back. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays.