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Internet Music Marketing – More Sales, Less Work!

social-media-2Internet music marketing will become a lot easier for you within the next 5 to 10 minutes. Many people who attempt to market their music through the Internet never get anywhere because of simple strategies they leave out. I’m going to help you identify and use these strategies to your advantage, so you’ll need a pen.

Getting Fans to Promote for You!

If you’ve ever received a fan message from anyone on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, or a similar page and didn’t respond, you’re losing out big time. If someone takes the time out to send you a message explaining how much they enjoy your music, they will more than likely do your Internet music marketing for you if you offer them a percentage of sales they bring you. You can ask them to add your music to their page, videos, banners, and anything else you can think of. This will get you maximum exposure in the fastest time because you’re not doing all the work yourself and you’re using your fans as affiliates to make more money for both of you.

Target Key Phrases

Go into your search engine of choice and type in “free word tracker.” Once you get to the free word tracker site you can type in a broad search phrase that people search for daily. A broad phrase wouldn’t be “Internet music marketing,” however, “music marketing” would be. Word tracker will break down that broad phrase, create longer tailed keyphrases that have less competition in the search engines, and you can capitalize on them by adding them to your webpages every 100 words.

Extra Tip – Example of Something I Did!

I used the word tracker to find a long tailed key phrase that gets over 80 searches a day and the competition in Google had only 1000 results when I did the search in quotes. I took a YouTube video, changed the title to that phrase, put the title in the tags, and two weeks later my video was on the first page of those results without quotes. Did Internet music marketing get simpler for you yet? You can put your pen down now to think of how much money you can be earning if you take this information seriously.

Most people settle for a job and a boss after getting nowhere close to their music dreams, even knowing this information. This doesn’t have to be you & should have never been them.

– By Davis Carter

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