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Disco Curtis Signs with MySpace/Interscope Records, Video Premiere

DiscoCurtisThe New Year brings nothing but excitement for the Dallas, Texas based pop-rock quartet Disco Curtis.

Most recently signed to MySpace/Interscope Records the band plans to write and record a host of new material. Today, the band currently performs songs off their debut EP “Play With Fire Get Burned” which is available now via itunes. Disco Curtis’ debut video for “Ashley” is set for a January 6th premiere on Over the winter months, the band is prepping for their appearance on the second half of the annual Vans Warped Tour, with dates slated for July 20th through August 15th.  Having previously toured with Boys Like Girls, Forever The Sickest Kids and more, the band cannot wait to get back on the road.

Disco Curtis’ (Tanner Howe (Vocals/Songwriter), Garrett Perales (Guitar), Brendan Barone (Bass), AJ Novak (Drums) unquestionable ambition to make music a reality is pure. Plucking from their influences (Say Anything, Dashboard Confessional, All-American Rejects, Blink-182) with the skilled craftsmanship of their musical upbringing, Disco Curtis’ genre-blending rock sound is undeniably fresh — chock full of Howe’s savory and honest lyrics about love and self-introspection, which come alive on tracks like the propulsive “Incendiary Devices” and “Surprise Me.” Novak’s full-throttle delivery, and Perales’ barreling riffage on “Breaking Hearts” is tightly woven, but it’s the crush-worthy anthem “Ashley” that showcases Disco Curtis’ on the spot likeability.

“The main thing about writing a song is that it can’t be forced,” says Howe. “I can’t make something up in a song or else it’s not real to me. If it’s not real to me, how can I make it real to someone else?”

Being in a band can mean anything these days. But for some, the underlying passion of the last 50 years still holds true: Music can bring people together. Disco Curtis thrives on this notion, but they also take it a couple of steps further. It’s their unshakable enthusiasm for both the music and their fans that compliments their memorable pop/rock-tinged rock style.

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