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To Write Love on Her Arms Wins $100,000 in Chase Contest

ChaseGivingTo Write Love on Her Arms would like to thank everyone who helped them achieve 3rd place in the Chase Community Giving Contest. Because of everyone who voted and helped spread the word about TWLOHA, theywon $100,000 toward their ultimate goal of launching IMAlive. To read the thank you blog written by TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski, please click here:

TWLOHA will put the $100,000 toward helping launch IMAlive, a live online crisis network which will provide real-time online crisis support to millions of people and will be the first 100 percent certified and trained staff and volunteer crisis line. Users will be able to talk one on one to responders through IMAlive’s instant messaging program.

“We believe we have the opportunity to help save thousands of lives with this. We believe we can lower the suicide rate in America and around the world by meeting people where they are – online,” says TWLOHA founder Jamie Tworkowski.

With the help of Joaquin Phoenix, Miley Cyrus, and Liv Tyler, TWLOHA made a video to bring awareness of the organization and the Chase contest. To see the trio’s video that gained over 1.9 million views, please click here:

TWLOHA is continuing to open minds and hearts to the mission of their organization and is hoping that by launching IMAlive later in the year, thousands of lives will be saved and more people will begin to realize that asking for help is possible. To Write Love on Her Arms’ vision is hope; and hope is real.

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