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Independent Artist Matthew Pop Releases Fourth Solo Album

MatthewPopRiding a wave of emotions and angst following yet another successful and hard fought cross-country summer tour, indie artist and self-made rock star Matthew Pop has bottled up his most aggressive collection of songs yet – on his fourth album entitled, Reinventing The Cosmos; set to drop March 2nd.

“This album gets right to the point” said Pop.

In many ways a commentary on the ups and downs that plague anyone following a dream.

“This album is a touch darker,” Pop commented. “I honestly don’t know how I have been getting up every time I’ve been knocked down over the past 12 years.”

A combination of new songs and some nearly lost fan favorites, Reinventing The Cosmos is the latest from an unsung yet not unsuccessful pop-rock artist seemingly on the brink of stardom. In fact, millions upon millions around the world have already heard Pop’s music without realizing it. From hit shows including Bravo’s “Flipping Out” and MTV’s “The Real World” and “Fat Camp”, to British teen drama “Skins” and even independent films, Matthew Pop’s music has been on-screen musical tapestry for years.

When asked to describe his current state of success mixed with equal parts obscurity, Pop was quick to respond and almost as quick to second-guess his assertion: “I’m the most underrated pop-rock writer of the new millennium?,” he said with a laugh. If Pop can continue to carve out his own brand of success on his own terms without burning out on an industry in crisis, this enterprising artist may very well be right.

Matthew Pop’s fourth album ‘Reinventing The Cosmos’ was recorded in New York City and Produced by Scott Kammerer. Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound Studios in Manhattan, all 10 songs on the album are written and performed by Matthew Pop with live drums by Dan Mulenhberg.



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