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Introducing Indie Artist Osaru

OsaruCoverOsaru is a multi-talented musician, composer and vocalist who lives and works in the heart of the Piedmont Triad in North Carolina, USA. He also works full time as a Physician.

His debut CD, ‘home’ released in September 2008 was a work of art. It took you on a journey through his early adult years to the present day. It celebrated life, love and long term commitment. He used powerful vocals filled with soulful melodies to complement punchy bass lines, hip hop chants, jazzy undertones and ‘head bobbing’ percussive rhythms. The result was his amazing musical story.

Home with the keys is a follow up to Osaru’s debut album. It is smooth jazz at its best. From silky soprano phrases in “last night” to funky tenor sax lines in ‘let’s begin’, he manages to express the story behind each song using his keyboards, a breath controller and his wind controller. His background training as a physician is many a time evident in the meticulous craftsmanship of his songs and bedside manner in which he delivers his message.

These songs will take you on an unpredictable ride with slow jams intermingling with smooth mid-tempo vibes. Each song will keep you guessing and wondering what’s coming next..

Osaru started playing African percussion at the age of 8, church organ at 9 and toured with a covers band as a keyboardist in his teens. Today he plays the electric keyboards, piano, electric bass, WX5 wind controller and the drums. He sings and plays all the instruments on both his albums. He also does all the tracking, overdubs, mixing and arrangement.

Osaru has lived and played music in Europe, Africa and North America. This explains the wide diversity in the range of music he composes and records in his home studio, the ‘O.R’ (operating room). Be it a classical piano solo or a funky infectious groove, he always seems to be in his element; creating memorable hooks and thought provoking melodies.

His music influences include Stevie Wonder, Michael Mcdonald, George Benson, Kenny G, Boney James, Steel Pulse, Bob Marley, John Legend, Stanley Clarke and Alicia Keys to name a few.

His musical journey continues. He is presently working on his third album out early next year.

Find out more about the artist here.



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