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Former Dispatch Founder Pete Francis Launches New Web site, Releases New Album

PeteFrancis_TMWAI_PR_031910Indie artist, Pete Francis, has launched his new Web site featuring tour dates, lyrics and music. On his site, Pete offers the first single “Glue” for free download.

The New York City based singer-songwriter is set to release his new album The Movie We Are In on May 18. Pete decided that a new approach was key for his next record. Instead of his usual self-produced style of album making, he uprooted his life and assembled an entirely new crew with in Los Angeles with producer Jeff Trott (right hand man to Sheryl Crow as writer and guitarist).

Francis said, “I wanted to bring a modern element into my music. When first speaking with Jeff Trott, I quickly realized he had great musical instincts and that he was getting me and he brought ideas to the table that I hadn’t imagined.”

Trott and Francis gathered friends and sought after musicians for recording The Movie We Are In’s colorful landscape. Having worked with artists such as Beck, Nine Inch Nails, Gnarls Barkley, Willie Nelson, Queens of the Stone Age, Dr. Dre, and Scott Weiland, the musicians (Brian LeBarton, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, John O’Brien, Victor Indrizzo and others) provided an extraordinary musical palette of talent and sensibility.

The results successfully integrate Pete’s songwriting and natural instrumentation with modern, inventive sounds. The opening track “Glue” is a great example of what’s to follow on this album with its mix of indie and classic rock, electronic and acoustic, past and future…

The production offers new textures with repeated listens, as subtle guitar riffs, synth touches, horn swells, and even the sounds of the Ethiopian cumbus stand out. The album mixes tempos as well, catapulting from the revelry of the sing-a-long “Love Shakes You Down” into the standout moody rocker “Light Up My Day.” The slower, melodic songs of the album, like “St. Paul’s Fair” and “Didn’t Know I Built It,” lure with dreamy sounds of Wurlitzer and rich vocals.

It would be hard to deny Francis his stripes in the independent music scene. He formed the fiercely independent band Dispatch in 1995 whose uncommonly loyal fan-base bid them farewell at The Last Dispatch concert in 2004 with 110,000 people from around the world attending.

Since then his career has infiltrated many musical worlds including performing his solo music at festivals around the country, reuniting with his Dispatch pals for three sold out nights at Madison Square Garden, having his solo music featured in films and television, and performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

Commenting on his new album and departure from his Dispatch days, Francis says, “It’s good to get out of your comfort zone. I tried to let this motto resonate at every turning point of this record’s evolution.”

Visit the artist’s Web site for more information.



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