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OK Go Left Their Major Label, Who’s Next?

okgoWe have covered stories about bands like Third Eye Blind and Counting Crows taking the independent route. These bands could have signed with major labels, but took a new approach to the music industry. OK Go is also making their own path by creating their own label called Paracadute.

OK Go’s move gave a swift kick to the current industry model. Tour dates have been set up which will help bring in funds for the band. Paracadute and OK Go will manage the band’s distribution and promotion.

How much of an impact will a move like this have?

A band like OK Go leaving EMI proves once again that there are other resources that can build a solid business model for bands without the backing of a major label. OK Go has the opportunity to be a pioneer and show bands who want to make the same move, how it can be done.

Consider independent bands who been surviving on their own and wondering if it’s the right move. They now have a leader to follow in this evolving industry. Indie bands can emulate a business model that can help them prosper.

OK Go just left EMI and caused a big stir, but they also saw a new way to evolve without being held under a major label contract. EMI also didn’t embrace the band’s viral marketing tactic on YouTube that proved to the band that the label was more about the money than their movement.

EMI has been facing a whirlwind of bad news that probably didn’t help their cause, but should they be more worried about the future of the industry as a whole?

Will other bands soon follow and leave their major labels if OK Go is successful and lays out a solid plan for them to utilize? We shall see…

What do you think? Good move by OK Go?



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