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Why Should Indie Music Artists Utilize Google Buzz?

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When people ask me what Google Buzz is, I simply say it’s a hybrid of Facebook and Twitter. You apply live updates to your profile for your followers, similar to Twitter, and then add links or photos. You also have the ability to make your updates public or private.

Why should indie bands or artists use Google Buzz?

It is another excellent way to gain exposure for your band or project. You can apply custom links and have your profile showcased during Google searches of your project’s name.

Having a link back to your Web site is a solid reason to create a Google profile. Google also gives you the ability to add multiple links to your other social media sites, store, blog, etc. For instance, I currently have five links on my profile to the sites I want my followers to visit.

When you create a profile it is displayed on Google’s search engine site under “Profile Results”. I have heard repeatedly that people do not want to manage a profile geared towards just Gmail users, but it is really displayed for the public to view on Google.

Imagine exposing your band’s profile with links to your sites so easily, and can you believe it’s all for free? Google Buzz is another free resource for your band to showcase its news and Web sites.

The key is to place your band’s actual name in the URL, so it looks like:’s name. Add as many details about your band, photos, and Web site links as possible to help fans/followers know it is a legit profile.

Yes  Google took some heat for allowing Gmail contacts you consistently email or chat with to automatically be followers, but they accepted the feedback and  fixed the issue. Facebook also had privacy issues and continues to toy with privacy options, so we can never be certain what will happen next in social media.

Generate your band’s profile by clicking here.

Is your indie band using Google Buzz?



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