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Emii Takes #1 Spot On YouTube for “Magic” Music Video

EmiiSinger and dynamite performer, Emii, released her new music video for“Magic” and has reached over 650,000 views in a single day. “Magic” took the #1 spot for Music on YouTube for the day and the #6 spot for overall videos. The video made such an impression that even Lady Gaga andRihanna subscribed to Emii’s YouTube channel!

Emii’s first single “Magic” is now available on iTunes. You can purchase it here.

Her newly recorded album shows off her powerhouse vocals and her ability to get the whole world dancing.“Magic” is a fun, sexy song that begs the timeless question: Is he the right one for me? Where tracks like “My Zombie Boyfriend” unleash Emii’s angst over falling for the wrong guy. “Stiletto” is a dance track that cranks an undeniable beat about 7″ designer heels that boys cannot resist.  “I loved writing these songs because of the challenge of translating what I was feeling into the melodies and lyrics” says Emii.

Emii started singing as a toddler and, against her parents’ wishes, began fronting bands in her early teens. While her friends picked out their prom dresses, Emii perfected her studio recordings.  At every stolen moment, she wrote songs and took to the community theater stage like a second home. While in high school she couldn’t resist the lure of the big city, shuttling back and forth from Youngstown, Ohio to NYC for auditions and open mic gigs.  The dual life came to a halt the day Emii turned 18. She bolted to New York City and never looked back.

“There are very few people who can completely dedicate their lives to music,” Emii says.  “When you truly live for something, it is natural to be on the kind of path that I am on now.”

Emii just returned from performing at many shows at SXSW in Austin, Texas. She also performed at the New York Loves Film Party at this year’s Sundance Film Festival where guests such as Katie Holmes, Elijah Wood, Adam Brody and Mark Ruffalo were in awe of her performance. For a behind the scenes look, check it out here.

For more information on Emii and to check out her single “Magic” please check out



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