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facebook-me-Have you wanted a customized design for your indie band’s Facebook page? A handful of designers sat in a room hours before Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference and created an application to have your data transition into a blog-type profile currently called The application is based on Facebook’s new Open Graph API.

How do I connect to

You can connect your profile to the application with your permission. Information such as status updates, photos and more from your profile are updated to through the app.

Currently, you have the ability to select through three themes (Rush, Photostream and Glide). Each theme is based off the names and feature either you status updates, photos or both.

How can my band use it?

Your band is able to showcase their promotional photos, live concert pictures and news (status updates) and apply the link to the themed profile to your website.

Check out the video below to see the introduction of the new application.

Will your band use if it becomes a key feature that Facebook utilizes?



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