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Indie Songwriters: Established Yourself Using MusikPitch offers  a new online marketplace for custom songwriting. The Nashville, Tenn. startup gives songwriters a market for their songwriting and music-making talents, and serves as a resource for clients searching for music to use on their next projects.

Based on the success of other crowdsourcing sites like 99Designs, the MusikPitch process is straightforward. Clients state exactly what type of song they need and how much they are willing to pay.

Songwriters browse through the contests and submit their work to the projects that fit. The best song will be selected, and that songwriter wins the prize money.

Here are some highlights of the website:

  • The new site gives music supervisors, corporate brands and others access to a largely untapped pool of songwriting talent and provides the songwriting community with a brand new market for their music making talents
  • The MusikPitch marketplace can be used for virtually any custom song or sound — whether it’s for a company, studio, or individual
  • MusikPitch also streamlines the licensing process and protects the intellectual property of all by offering free licensing contracts for each contest.

Learn more about MusikPitch:

Check out how you can make money using MusikPitch:



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