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Sell Rap Beats

lansonic-modIt is very possible to sell your beats online and make money from your hard work. There a quite a few people who believe making money online selling their beats is not possible and I want to offer some clarification as to the possibility of making money with your beats. Since we are in the internet age selling rap beats is much easier than it has ever been in the history of the music industry. The internet has made it possible for you to make a lot of money without being ‘signed’ as a producer on any label.

In the past in order to make money from your rap beats you would need to be signed to a label and work with the artist on that label or you would have to network continuously with rappers and upcoming artists so you could provide tracks for them. The internet has eliminated the need for all of that by giving you the ability to put your music in front of people that are searching for rap beats. The phrase rap beats is searched over three hundred thousand times a month and ‘beats’ is searched over five million times a month. These searches represent potential customers for your services.

One way to start making money selling your rap beats is to create your website and you can lease your tracks to more than one artist at a time. The way this works is that you would lease a track to an artist for a low fee. For instance $25 or $35 and this gives them the right to use the beat on their song for up to a certain amount of sales. You can do this over and over with different artists and if your beat is good you will really be making some good money. You can do this as many times as possible and you still maintain ownership of the beat and you can continue to offer it for sale.

There are a few ways to package your beats for sale online. You can create a CD of as many beats as you want and lease the rights to use them or you can sell or lease them individually. The way to generate continuous cash is to create a membership site that allows you members to download the new beats every month or week. You would charge them a monthly fee for access to your beats. This technique keeps the money coming in every month. Your focus would then be to build your membership list and constantly creating good rap and hip hop beats.

– The artist and performer makes his own rap and hip hop beats and so can you.



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  1. i just wish to say as somebody who did this prior to Hip Hop music is a category of music that came about as the part of the Hip hop culture. The characteristics of this music are rapping, sampling, DJing, scratching and beat boxing. The origin of this music could be traced to the South Bronx from the New York City in 1970. Although rapping is typically thought being synonymous with hip hop, it is actually the component of your subculture.