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Introducing Dubai’s Unsigned Band, Sho?

shosenheisserUnsigned Band Sho? is currently working on an EP, but is already making noise in their homeland of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sho? mixes various genres of music such as metal, punk and reggae to create their sound.

Sho?, meaning “What” ,in Arabic is a 3 piece original rock band that began its journey in mid-2009.

The band came together when Zara and Rizal got together and decided to start a project. They found Fabrizio along the way and thus Sho? was born. Zara (Portugal) brings to the band her spot-on vocals from years of vocal training to create an ambience of wonder within her range and presence.

Rizal (Malaysia) loves using 6 and 8 string guitars, tube amps as well as a variety of guitar pedals to bring a unique and modern sound to the music. Fabrizio (Italy) delivers a tight bass-backing and gives wonderful body to their music.

Sho? won the “Road to Sound City” competition judged by Gary Dourdan (ex-CSI Las Vegas actor and session guitarist) and Kim Thompson (Beyonce session drummer) alongside reps from Diesel, Sennheiser and EMI Arabia.

Winning the competition allowed Sho? to play in the main stage for the Dubai Sound City festival and be part of Diesel U-music world tour traveling to Vienna, Austria for the show, which took place in late 2009.

Sho? is active in the Dubai rock scene playing in Rocknation, Metal Asylum among others.

Check out Sho?’s Gighive profile to listen to their tracks and for more information.



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