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This Week’s Music Resources: A Blog, A Podcast, & A Station

buzz1200Featured Blog:
Urban Music Daily

At UrbanMusicDaily.Net, we strive to be a distinct leader in the pursuit of excellence. With dedicated staff around the clock to provide everyone with fresh sounds each day, we at UMD believe the sky is the limit. While we cover a variety of music including R&B, Hip-Hop , DanceHall/Reggae, we proudly specialize in urban sounds.

Featured Podcast:
The Justin Wayne Show

Where did Independent Radio Go? Right here. The internet. Now there’s an army of music podcasters out here combing the independent music world for the newest, hottest music that hasn’t been assimilated by commercialism – it has overcome it. Take a world where musicians can learn how to record themselves in an afternoon and with unimaginable low sums of money they can record, produce, and distribute their albums all from their humble abodes. Where do these tunes go? You’ve found one place. Here at The Justin Wayne Show we strive to bring the independent parties together: those who have music and are trying to sell their albums on iTunes, CD Baby, eMusic, or one of these other digital retailers and the independent consumer ready to really LISTEN and choose for themselves what they like and where they want to put their money. We will seek out new ways to promote new music through this website and others !

Featured Station:
Channel 27 Internet Radio

Channel 27’s music team hand-picks every single song you hear on the station. Their music format is known as ‘Hot AC’, which in normal terms is recent and current chart hits with an emphasis on credible artists for an adult market. So you won’t hear McFly but you’ll certainly hear Mark Ronson. They won’t play trash. They won’t play throw-away one hit wonders. We do play songs from artists whose albums you probably already have.



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