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Hey Unsigned Bands—Get in the Game!

KoolhausIMPKoolhaus Games just announced a new international contest for unsigned bands to enter to win the chance to have their music featured on the soundtrack of the next version of the iMP: Surf the Music game for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game available on iTunes Music Store.

According to the website, iMP: Surf the Music is an interactive funkadelic music rhythm game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Unsigned bands may enter songs until July 2, 2010 midnight (PDT). Submissions will be posted on their contest website and the winners will be voted on by fans from all over the world.

Voting will take place from July 5th, 2010-July 19th, 2010 midnight (PDT). The top 10 winners will be featured in the next version of the game.

The contest is free to enter, and any use of material would be on a non-exclusive basis with all intellectual property rights remaining with the artist. Winners will receive a revenue share from iMP: Surf the Music game sales. For contest rules and submission guidelines go to

About the company:

Koolhaus Games develops high quality, innovative, fun and immersive electronic games for all ages and genres, using current and emerging technologies. Koolhaus Games is located in the center of Canada’s premier gaming community in Vancouver, British Columbia and has developed games for Activision, Square Enix, Electronic Arts and others.

Is your band going to enter?



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