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Indie Artist George Reefah Ready to Make the Next Move

George ReefahStraight out of Canada, George Reefah is making his mark in the hip-hop music world and broadening his reach to include the dance/remix pop realm. The indie artist’s newest single “Rollin” was just released digitally in May 2010, and reached #5 on the Masterbeat charts for two weeks.

Having been apart of the hip-hop community in Toronto since early 2003, Reefah has established himself as an entrepreneur and marketer in the hip-hop industry and serves as President and Co-Founder of Freshilystic Records. Reefah considers himself a wordsmith and was influenced by groups such as Wu-Tang Clan early on.

Reefah has worked with Major Music Productions, a large Canadian production house, and has 2 mixtapes, 3 full length LP’s, 1 EP, and 4 singles under his belt. In the spirit of staying truly indie, this artist is not looking to sign a traditional label deal.

“There isn’t much a major [label] can offer me right now that Freshilystic Records hasn’t done for me already,” Reefah said. “I’ve got something really good going on here and I have all the faith in the world that my promotions and marketing team will make sure I compete with any other artist out there, whether signed or independent.”

Reefah recently relocated to New York City where he hopes expand his musical reach and create a “Reefalution.”

“The move to NYC was necessary for me to complete some of my goals,” Reefah explained regarding his move to the Big Apple. “Canada can be a very distant place for an artist like myself and things got to a point where I needed to be in the USA just to fulfill my work needs.

“New York has showed me nothing but amazing love and it is definitely somewhere I’m proud to call home for the time-being.”

After taking a brief break from touring to focus on writing, recording, and building his 2010 campaign, Reefah will return to the road in October with dates lined up in the U.S. and Europe. The artist also has intentions to collaborate with other musicians who are eager to join forces with him after the incredible success of “Rollin.”

You can purchase mixes of “Rollin” on iTunes. For more information check out George Reefah’s Gighive Profile.

Check out Reefah’s video for “Do Dat”:



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  1. Jamie
    i love his song rollin!!!!!
    • @ Jamie, Reefah has a few tracks that could be a hit. Thanks for checking us out!