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Sweet Relief Musicians Fund: Help Save the Lives of Musicians in Need

sweetreliefmusiciansSweet Relief Musicians Fund has qualified for the Pepsi Refresh Project. During the month of June they will be competing for one of ten $50,000 grants with the winners being determined by number of votes.

You can help by visiting the Pepsi Refresh Project website and vote to help preserve one of the few resources that a professional musician can turn to for support when there is no place else to go. Participants can vote once per day until June 30th.

It’s all over the news these days: Approximately 15% of Americans are without health insurance, but when it comes to musicians that number sadly exceeds 45%; and that when faced with a medical emergency or disabling event there are very few resources for support that a musician can turn to.

Since 1993, Sweet Relief has been a strong and steady resource for professional musicians struggling with illness, disability or age related problems, but they can’t do it alone. The shrinking economy has made it that much harder for them to help.

With the bad economy fewer individuals are donating to charities such as the Sweet Relief.



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