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The Narrative Set Date for Self-Titled Album Release

TheNarrative_DigitalCoverThe Narrative will release their highly anticipated debut self-titled album on July 27th. The group’s latest effort maintains a diversity that most bands struggle to achieve while remaining harmonious with the sound.

The New York based indie pop rock group is a perfect example of how sometimes things just seem to fall into place. Jesse Gabriel (guitar/vocals) met Suzie Zeldin (keyboard/vocals) for a slice of mediocre New York pizza after she responded to his 3 page long Craigslist ad. They soon learned that not only did they go to high school together; they also shared identical musical interests.

The two spent much of the next year heading from their nine-to-fives to Suzie’s cramped Upper East Side apartment to craft their first tunes. When it came time to record an album, Jesse and Suzie were introduced to Charles Seich (drums) by producer Bryan Russell.

Their first EP Just Say Yes was released and met with great success, receiving rave reviews from critics such as FlavorpillThe Deli Magazine,IdolatorAbsolute Punk and more.

The Narrative’s self-titled album is sure to be a fan favorite. Suzie’s hauntingly beautiful vocals blend perfectly with Jesse’s resonating calm delivery reminiscent of Straylight Run and The Hush Sound. The musical arrangements fit just as flawlessly with piano and guitar fusing into wonderfully orchestrated pieces.

Since the success of their 2008 EP, The Narrative have been touring the country and gaining a dedicated following. They began writing and recording their first full length in 2009 and are ready to impact today’s music scene with a genuine record that strikes a balance between profound songwriting and catchy melodies.

Track Listing:

  1. Fade
  2. Cherry Red
  3. Silence & Sirens
  4. Empty Space
  5. Winter’s Coming
  6. You Will Be Mine
  7. Don’t Want to Fall
  8. Trains
  9. Starving for Attention
  10. I’ve Been Thinking
  11. End All
  12. Hard to Keep Your Cool
  13. Turncoat

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