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The Secret Handshake Announces New Album Release Called “Night & Day”, Free Mp3 Download

Secret HandshakeThe Secret Handshake (Luis Dubuc) is gearing up to release his sixth studio album, Night & Day August 17th, 2010 on Triple Crown Records and is currently on tour playing new songs from the upcoming release.  The first single “Domino” is available today for free download via Facebook here:

It is an album title that truly signposts a major sea change. Night & Day holds fast to its title’s pronouncement of seemingly polar opposites. The gripping melodies are still firmly in place, but that’s where the similarities between Dubuc’s back catalog and his latest creation end.

For the past several years, Dubuc and his fusion of sugary pop hooks, laid atop a host of samples and caked with computer-enhanced effects, created the signature electronic-pop sound that landed him the sort of success that many artists in indie circuits could only wish for.

For his latest full-length, Night & Day, Dubuc wasn’t going to resign himself to recording a similar batch of tracks once more. His influences are wide ranging, including The Temptations, Jackson 5, plus Motown-inspired hitmakers like Blood, Sweat and Tears and Tower of Power.

Recorded to tape on an original Ampex Tape Machine, Dubuc and producer Noah Shain used a three-track recorder that was popular until the mid-1960s which many famous pop recordings — including many of Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” productions and early Motown hits — were taped on. It’s live strings, live horns, live percussion and group background singers. Live drums, bass, guitar and piano all played in the same little room at Walden Sound in LA where the album was recorded over the course of 5 weeks. No programming, no digital editing.

Dubuc describes Night & Day as, “it’s a Motown record, man.” Almost wholly influenced by the wide-ranging Motown scene of the ‘60s and ‘70s, Dubuc made a commitment upon embarking on his latest venture to discard all his previous techniques and time-tested paths, and start all over again—and it’s an idea he’s had brewing for quite a while.

“I sort of went deep into it and got to know all the artists,” said Dubuc. “I set out to make a record like that, of all good moments, that are very reminiscent of those songs, except that they’re modernized.”

The album’s first single is “Domino,” a track about Dubuc’s friends who gave up on everything in music and stopped trying to progress. “Used to be Sweet” was performed with Canadian artist Lights, whom he had met at the South By Southwest music festival. “It’s sort of like Michael Jackson’s ‘The Girl Is Mine,’ we’re arguing back and forth.”  And “Fresh Start” is about, as its title implies, making a change. “For me, in that song, it’s about writing a song,” says Dubuc. “It’s a song about writing a song and starting over with this new sound.”

“I wanted to take a risk on this record, Dubuc explained. “I feel like it has the potential to really move people to make people feel good about their situations in their lives. It’s a soul record. If there’s ever an all-encompassing Motown revival record, this is it.”

Jun 15 2010 6:00P  Fubar    Saint Louis, MO
Jun 16 2010 6:00P  The Marquee   Tulsa, OK
Jun 17 2010 6:00P  Emo’s Austin   Austin, TX
Jun 18 2010 6:00P  Warehouse Live  Houston, TX
Jun 19 2010 6:30P  The Door Dallas  DALLAS, TX
Jun 20 2010 6:30P  Tequila Jungle  Lubbock, Texas
Jun 22 2010 6:30P  Martini Ranch  Scottsdale, AZ
Jun 23 2010 6:30P  Glasshouse   Pomona, California
Jun 24 2010 6:30P  Troubadour   West Hollywood, CA
Jun 25 2010 6:30P  Soma Sidestage  San Diego, California
Jun 26 2010 6:30P  Club Retro   Fresno, California
Jun 27 2010 6:30P  Boardwalk   Orangevale, CA
Jun 28 2010 6:30P  Slim’s    San Francisco, CA
Jun 29 2010 6:30P  Hawthorne Theatre  Portland, Oregon
Jun 30 2010 5:30P  El Corazon   Seattle, wa
Jul 2 2010 6:00P  The Complex   Salt Lake City, UT
Jul 3 2010 6:30P  Maquis Theatre  Denver, Colorado
Jul 5 2010 6:30P  Sokol Underground  Omaha, NE
Jul 6 2010 6:30P  Station 4   Saint Paul, MN
Jul 7 2010 6:30P  Metro    Chicago, IL
Jul 9 2010 6:30P  New Daisy Theatre  Memphis, TN
Jul 10 2010 6:30P  Rockettown   Nashville, TN
Jul 11 2010 6:30P  New Brookland Tavern West Columbia, SC
Jul 12 2010 6:30P  Jack Rabbits   Jacksonville, FL
Jul 13 2010 6:30P  The State Theatre  Saint Petersburg, FL
Jul 14 2010 6:30P  Culture Room  Ft Lauderdale, FL
Jul 15 2010 6:30P  The Social   Orlando, FL
Jul 16 2010 6:00P  The Masquerade  Atlanta, GA
Jul 17 2010 6:00P  The Brewery, NC  Raleigh, NC
Jul 18 2010 6:30P  Skate High   Virginia Beach, VA
Jul 20 2010 6:30P  Gramercy Theatre  New York, NY
Jul 21 2010 6:30P  Recher Theatre  Towson, MD
Jul 22 2010 6:30P  The Crazy Donkey  Farmingdale, New York
Jul 23 2010 6:30P  The Trocadero Theatre Philadelphia, PA
Jul 24 2010 6:30P  The Palladium  Worcester, MA
Jul 25 2010 6:00P  Northern Lights  Clifton Park, NY
Jul 26 2010 6:00P  Xtreme Wheels  Buffalo, NY
Jul 28 2010 6:00P  Peabody’s Down Under Cleveland, OH
Jul 29 2010 6:00P  The Mixtape Cafe  Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 30 2010 5:00P  Sneaky Dee’s  Toronto, ON
Jul 31 2010 6:00P  Crofoot Ballroom  Detroit, MI
Aug 1 2010 4:30P  Eagles Club   Lake Station, IN
Aug 2 2010 6:00P  The Oz Cafe   Wichita, Kansas
Aug 5 2010 6:00P  The Conservatory  Oklahoma City, OK



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