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Will Facebook Competitor Google Me be Indie Artist Friendly?

google-logo_Reports are a brewin’ about  a new “social network” called Google Me after a tweet was posted by Digg’s Kevin Rose. That’s right, Facebook, you allegedly have a competitor being released into the social media realm soon.

It brings me to ask questions about the upcoming social network

Will it be artist friendly? Is there going to be a music player for bands and artists? Are they going to take aspects of Myspace to help the cause?

Whoa! Would this mean the end for Myspace if they do cater to bands and artists? With a solid consumer and fan base, Google has the potential to dominate social media.

Google has provided solid products recently with Chrome and Android devices, so I’m expecting the best to come from the company.

Chrome has just taken the three spot from Apple’s Safari and is becoming quicker and more innovative with every update. Android smartphones are side-by-side with the iPhone with the releases of Sprint’s Evo 4G and Verizon’s Incredible.

I recently wrote about ( BeneficialApplication for Indie Bands) that was supposed to help bands promote themselves on Facebook. But we haven’t heard anything about it since Facebook’s F8 Developer Conference.

It was stated that your band would be able to showcase promotional photos, live concert pictures and news (status updates) and apply the links to the themed profile to your website.

Would your band add Google Me to the list of social networks?



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  1. Interesting. Though, much like Facebook, I think that Google Me will have to build an audience before bands (and other companies for that matter) begin to advertise with it. I have no doubt that it will happen, and it will happen quicker than it happened with Facebook. But it has to happen. Ease of use and features don't mean squat if there isn't an audience.
  2. Josiah Mann
    Hey Noe. Love the site. I don't know about the Google thing, but I know of two great upcoming indie band apps for facebook(not affiliated with either). RootMusic's BandPage is great and DamntheRadio looks promising too(it's in Beta) :)
    • @ Josiah, Thanks Josiah! We have featured Root Music, but have overlooked Damn the Radio. We will definitely look into it... Once again, thanks for checking out TheBuzz!
  3. Tommie
    I saw an app for bands who are on Looks simple but it allows those artist to at least put a player on their FB page and their fans can do the same too.
    • It's good to see sites trying to help out the artists expose their work.