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Indie Artists Promote Each Other on

headlinerfm_logoAttention indie  bands and artists, wants to help you connect with other musicians and ultimately reach new fans and better promote your music. The website is a “promotion exchange” for bands and artists to help build awareness for each other.

Bands who sign-up on Headliner are able to join forces with and promote other bands on each other’s Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace profiles. Members are rewarded a number of “band bucks” (proportionate to how many followers they have on their social media sites) which can be used to buy requests from other bands to give your band promotion on their social media profiles.

The website outlines the steps to success once you sign-up:

Headliner Rewards Bands and Artists

  • Converts your existing social media fans to band-bucks which you can use to get new fans for your band.
  • Rewards your band for having kick-ass fans.
  • Rewards your band for accepting promotion messages from bands you like.
  • Transfers fan info to bands: learn which band’s fans are the best fit for YOUR band. Sizzle Reel from on Vimeo.

Headliner was created by Mike More (CEO & Founder) and Bill Cromie (President & Founder). The website’s mission is for bands/artists to reach new fans, connect with other artists, and promote their music.

Currently over 70,000 fans are registered on, with numbers growing. As the old adage says “it’s not what you know, but who you know,” so connect today!



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