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Indie Band Flight to Athena Stream New Single on

FlighttoAthenaFlight To Athena are streaming their new song “Dynamite And Lazerbeams” as an ABSOLUTExclusive today! All you have to do is go their profile to get the song. “Dynamite And Lazerbeams” is off their new EP, Thanks For The Pep Talk.

The indie band went back to its pop roots for their newest EP as the band felt they were straying away from the music they truly loved writing.  Even though the band has seen member changes over the past couple of years, the music reflects chemistry between the guys that typically takes years to gain.

Anticipated as Flight To Athena’s best release to date, their “Thanks for the Pep Talk” EP is set to win over listeners near and far.

“This album turned out so much better than I thought it would,” said Andrew Gonzales, vocals for the band. “It was really fun to write and record.

“The songs are so much fun to play live and I think the EP really shows the bands personality, as we are all out to have a good time with the music and with our fans at shows.”

The first single “Dynamite and Laserbeamz” is filled with an array of sonic styles and tempos, colored by passionate lyrics.  The songs on “Thanks For The Pep Talk” are a celebration driven by crashing beats and blasting power chords.

Click here to listen to the new single.



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